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The Alabama State Ethics Commission, the state House Judiciary Committee, and the Alabama attorney general's office investigated allegations that former Governor Robert Bentley (R) misused state funds in order to conduct an affair with one of his top advisors, Rebekah Mason. Bentley, a retired dermatologist, was previously a Republican member of the Alabama House of Representatives, representing the 63rd District, Tuscaloosa County.

Bentley resigned from his position on April 10, 2017. He was first elected in 2002 and served until 2010 when he chose not to seek re-election but the governorship instead.

He also illegally received a campaign contribution and made a loan to his campaign account outside of the mandated 120-day window in addition to using campaign funds to pay for Rebekah Mason's legal fees.

The commission's findings were forwarded to the Montgomery County district attorney, who was charged with determining the future course of the investigation.

The allegations against former Governor Bentley were the subject of three investigations by the following entities: On March 25, 2016, Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler (R) filed a report asking the Alabama State Ethics Commission to investigate the circumstances of the alleged affair.

In his report, Zeigler expressed concern that Mason had been paid from a private organization that had been set up by Bentley's aides called the Alabama Council for Excellent Government (ACEGOV) rather than through public funds.

Montgomery Circuit Judge Eugene Reese issued a stay at the hearing, which halted the discovery process against Mason and Bentley. Ivey would succeed Bentley in the event he resigns or is removed from office.

"We're all very disappointed in the governor's activities and actions," said Lt. Though Ivey replied "that's his call" to the question of whether Bentley should resign, she had previously told that her staff was prepared in the event that she assumes the governorship.

Collier claimed that Bentley had been involved with a senior political adviser named Rebekah Mason and that he may have misused state funds in order to cover up the affair.At the time, Hubbard was also facing felony charges related to potential ethics violations.Henry introduced the articles into committee when the legislature reconvened from spring break on April 5, 2016.During Collier's tenure at the ALEA, he discovered and initiated an investigation into Bentley's affair with Mason and reportedly found evidence of misuse of state funds.The ALEA report has since been turned over to the attorney general's office.

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The Alabama Political Reporter released a report on January 23, 2017, claiming that the commission's investigation was nearing completion, according to sources close to the investigation.