Rate our time dating site is chris angel dating holly

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Rate our time dating site

And I was particularly upset by receiving three messages from supposedly different women, but all three had the same pictures and the profiles were different.

And I received many responses from what appeared to be bots.

At least 20% of the people who contacted me started with the usual "you are gorgeous" Line and in the next sentence, send me your email, because I can't be on this platform.

Having the experience that I do detecting fake profiles, I never gave anyone my info but ourtime did!!! In addition, most men are 5.7, white conservative Christians, so although, I made a huge effort to connect, I was met with insults because I am metaphysical and not good enough since I am not Christian or white.

I started on Our Time and have been using that for two months now, after realising that it was time to get back on the horse following a somewhat nasty divorce process.

I thought I would leave a review on it here as Ive liked using the site and as a beginner it really was ideal for breaking me into the online dating scene.

I just got my bank statement and was charged .95.

Most responses asked for an email or phone number and had their address in user name and phone number scrawled across their picture. THIS IS AN OVER 50 SITE THAT ALLOWS ANYONE TO JOIN. When contacting them you reach "non-English speaking" English language c/s reps in the Phillipines who refuse to address any concerns and offer no assistance (I tried 3 times and hit a brick wall each time). I dont like the fact we arent able to narrow down our matches they send.It's terrible that companies/people spend so much time devising deceitful schemes. Not really into 80 year olds at this time of my life. Just relocated and was truly hoping this was going to be a good site I guess I should have read the reviews before I paid for the membership.My guess is they get a lot of people that just pay for one month and never come back I will be one of those I agree with all the negative things others have said, I also will add, however, I received numerous "messages", "flirts" and other contacts from far distant areas.Overall, I would recommend the site if you are a beginner and looking to start slow but then suggest trying other senior (not my favourite phrase) dating sites in order to find one that fits you and your local area better. Today was the 3rd time I called to have my auto pay refunded. Each time I was reassured that there would be no more charges.The bank has changed my card because it was compromised but Our Time is able to charge! Seriously folks - they matched me with defunct profiles to get me pumped up..I searched the users and found from the back door when they last logged in...as well be talking to the wall.

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Nothing against this country, but answers are all scripted. So I phoned the office of Mark Schneider, VP of investor relations in New York's IAC office. Ourtime is definitely a good bet, and another one id recommend is Prime Time