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as well but prefer my wife ******* me in my *** over me ******* her. Your lucky that you have a friend yu can do this with I am forced to blow my wife's strap on. My girl gets worried at times thinking I might switch teams but I assure her that I WILL NOT!!! Most men if not all; gay or straight, cannot and will not understand my way of thinking. Far from gay but i finally had the pleasure of being with another man and when he stuck that big wet **** all the way in was so amazing and to feel that *** just drip off my *** was so exciting!!!! This is, let's face it, the strangest title for a group. She has not been very interested and certainly isn't any more. I am a straight guy but I have always wanted to do sexual things with another guy.

Somehow, if you're a male, as soon as you're bare-assed, and a lubed, hard **** slips into your anus and starts ******* your *** to ******'re, in some way, gay. But please, do not make the mistake of thinking that you're straight and you can still enjoy a guy screwing you. A few years ago a tried using anal toys and found that I love the feeling. I do want to try but not sure how to go about asking men.

When the host and I sat on the sofa, his arm went around my back...

Hey, so I've always identified as straight, not attracted to men nor do I want to kiss or cuddle with them.

It was new years day, my best friend and I were outside watching the neighbor's fireworks, we were talking about favorite sex positions.

He told me that he likes laying on his back and let the girl do all the work, so I told him that's called cowgirl position. I am straight but have real urges to have sex with men I love sex with girls but just want to try it but dont really feel like i could ever like a guy like i like girls.

I do want to try but not sure how to go about asking men.

I want to try anal both ways, feel another guys penis, and think I would give a good blow-job. and my female side comes out at night mostly but also in the day because I'm starting to wear thongs 24/7 but i wouldn't mind giving someone some pleasure because i haven't had anal since grade 7 or 8 and that was over 5 years ago and i miss it... my *** still virgin i want to try really i read many storis about **** am not gay but i want to try my @ss still virgin so its tight you will like it and you can lick it make love with me anyone help me please Ever since I was a young teen I have received anal sex and I love it.

I had brought a cold six pack of a local beer, and they were going to be needed.

It felt so good sliding all the way down the **** and grinding it as deep inside me as possible :) Wish I were in a position to get it more often but schedules and work get in the way. So wed I was finally enjoying a day of work woke up shower relax I was feeling really horny readying some of the story's from EP so I decided to post an add on Craigslist about wanting someone to come f*** me I got a few emails there was one guy that got my attention he said he...

I am a straight guy but I have always wanted to do sexual things with another guy.

I didn't do it that often, and then one day my parents found one of them in the garbage and I got in trouble and had to stop.

And then around puberty I decided to try again, and fell in love with the...

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