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I never thought I’d be the type of guy to think of it as spiritual or involving energy, but when the energy is good, everybody lands.When it’s bad — let’s just say we’ve had some bad nights where the crowd will call us out on our mistakes.Recently, he’s taken his show on the road with the non-stop, no hold barred tour that is Nitro Circus Live. Think more along the lines of over 40 riders in skate, BMX, freestyle motorcross, roller blades, and more performing stunts that defy the law of physics and make for an amazing live experience.While bringing the tour to Madison Square Garden for the first time, we chopped it up with Pastrana and got him to reveal the next record-breaking stunt he plans to land, what it’s like to finally bring the show to the states, and that one stunt he strongly recommends we don’t try at home.

Nitro Circus started out with the foam pit in my backyard.Is there a stunt you haven’t done that you’re still prepping yourself to try out?Yeah, I’m kind of on a “one big stunt a night” program, and I just haven’t made it to the hardest one of the tour yet.He’s out of the hospital now, but it’s tough to see your friends get hurt during stunts.Overall, I’d rather take the chance doing this while traveling around the world then to work a desk job. It’s such a great opportunity for all of us involved.

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It proves that it’s getting bigger everyday, and it’s an honor to come and perform at place like [Madison Square Garden].