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As a contributor to the Huffington Post, her compelling voice focuses on–what else? Bronstein has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Wall Street Journal Online. “I don’t,” she said, instead, embracing and offering support whenever needed.

The 56-year-old actress made the announcement Wednesday on Extra.

She is stunning and statuesque, yet warm and embracing–an extraordinary combination of qualities.

Bronstein is the quintessential “girl next door” whom anyone would want to know. The self-professed former “tomboy” from Ann Arbor, Mich.

“I started to become more aware and concerned about the lack of women in high-level positions,” she said.

Simply put, Bronstein thought that her daughter should have access to the same opportunities as her two sons.

"If I had time to jump off a bridge I would have," she says plaintively. "I could do everything I'm doing from a farm as long as it's within a few hours of a bigger city."It's safe to say that Bronstein, née Borders (as in the bookstore), isn't your typical Marin granola mom.

Instead of taking the plunge, Bronstein opted to build herself a safety net: "The healthiest thing that women can do for themselves is be around other women," she says, her long legs folded into a banquette at The Battery, a private club in San Francisco's financial district. She isn't vegan (both times we meet, she orders the cheeseburger), loves to peruse Net-a-Porter for "fashion porn," refuses to compost, and holds an MBA from the .

She’s a wife, mom of three, socialite, CEO and “wife” to thousands.

While the Borders Family sold the family business in the ‘90s, and it has since declared bankruptcy under new owners, Bronstein still retains those lessons she learned from watching her father build his business.

“My dad put every bit of himself into his 25 years building Borders,” Bronstein said.

“He focused on truly taking care of both customers and employees.

All of these values–hard work, taking care of people, looking at the world from different angles–also became important to me.” Bronstein used these same principles when she set out in the business world, serving as CEO of Axis Personal Trainers and Spa for eight years.

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Bronstein makes her message of female empowerment loud and clear.